I'll Take You Home Lyrics

The Hoppers

Count Me In

Lyrics to I'll Take You Home
I'll Take You Home Video:
I'm Standing on the shore looking out across life's ocean,and I see the storm of fury round me roll:
and I just can't see no way that I'm gonna make it over, dispair and fear are troubleing my soul.

Chorus Then I see a ship sailing safely in the Harbor, and I'm so thankful it's arriving just in time.
The Captains calling "come aboard my little children,I'll take you home on the old ship of Zion."

These waves are getting closer,they're about to pull me under,and desperately I'm trying to hold on;
Every where I look there's darkness all around me,Oh Lord how long before the morning dawns.

Repeat Chorus

(Thanks to Jean Canter for these lyrics)
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