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Lyrics to I'll Show You Wonders
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Close your eyes baby the tides are turning Now's the time baby to come home Here we are together, you and I By the windy seaside, just about to reach the sky We shall escape the crowded streets We can go on forever I'll cover you from sticks and stones From rain and stormy weather Let me walk you to the sunshine Through the light and through the sound of thunder I'll Show You Wonders I can hear the world is calling And the shining starlight will surround us I'll Show You Wonders Touch the earth baby Look across the oceans All the landscapes we call our home By the wild orizons we can stay Let the arctic fire be the light on our way We will return on Easter time To our familiar places To childhood dreams, the source of youth And well known friendly faces Let me walk you to the sunshine... a.s.o. The midnight sun shines down on you This time it's here forever No time for fears, the night is gone This time we stay Let me walk you to the sunshine...

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