I'll See You There Lyrics

Kishi Bashi


Lyrics to I'll See You There
I'll See You There Video:
I love Bordeaux I love Toulouse
That's the cities not the wine or the bad attitude
Hello, Big Sur I loved you as well
In the deep blue ocean in which I fell
In love with the world as my home
From London to Athens and Rome
I'll be different but by the shade of my hair
See you soon I'll see you there

I dreamed about lions and their faraway views
With the rhythm to the sun in the fierce afternoons
Cannonball kills in the games of his dreams
And the truth is forgiving the taste of defeat
For the beauty of the world as my home
Leads me to you, the fortunes of Rome
I'll be different, but by the shade of my hair
See you soon, I'll see you there

(Thanks to jack wilde for these lyrics)
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