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Lyrics to I`ll Only Say It Once
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I'll Only Say It OnceI'll only say it once, don't ask me to repeat itlike I said before, I don't like youjust once you met me, and you don't wanna bet meyou'd better like what I'm about to doso where'd you stach the money, no don't make me lookyou want to live another day my friendlay it on the line 'cause you know what's yours in minethe word we chose to use that day was lendYou only live once, better run fastI don't need excuses, I like it to lastyou only live once, better run fastI'll only say it once, that was my old ladyhey, don't let me see you talk or touchI'm not too good with pity so be telling the whole citybe telling them that I'm too fucking muchcause there was another man that crossed the line just oncejust ask, if only he could talkhis face has soft of changed this guy I rearrangedhe ran now if only he could walkI'll only say it once, this here is my bottlejust n case I need to drinkif you run out of wine, remember that it's minethat should be enough to make you thinkI've worked for what I own, nobody's gonna take itso shake it off before you dareI'll ujst like ice, I'll never say it twiceI'm just like the electric chair

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