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Lyrics to I'll Never Break Your Heart
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From the first day that I saw your smiling face
Honey I knew that we would be together forever
When I asked you out, you said no, but I found out
Darling you'd been hurt,
You felt that you'd never love again, baby

I deserve a try, honey, just once
Give me a chance, and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were quick to judge
But honey, he's nothing like me

I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die, then live without you
I'll give you all of me, honey that's no lie (x2)

Nunca te haré llorar
Nunca te he de engañar
Prefiero morir
Que vivir sin ti
Te daré mi ser
Siempre seré fiel
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