I'll Make The Money Lyrics

Laura Bell

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Lyrics to I'll Make The Money
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Well, I've been workin' on a perfect plan.
I'll be your woman if you'll be my man.
I'm gonna give you my heart cause I know your love is real.
I got everything in the material world, now all I want is to be your girl.
So get down to business, Baby let's cut a deal.

I'll make the money, you make the love.
Just make it so I get home at night, I'm the only one you're thinkin' of.
And you can kick back every mornin' and I'll go push and shove
I said, I'll make the money, honey, You make the love.

Take karate class, join a country club
You can spend all day soakin' in the tub
Blow a million bucks, charge it all to me
but when quittin' time comes rollin' round
I wanna hold ya in my arms watch the sun go down
All alone together in the lap of luxury, baby!


Baby, I don't care if you're stone broke.
It don't matter who pays the rent, when the lovin' is solid rock.

I'll make the money, you make the love (4x)
You make the love (4x)
Uh, uh-huh (3x)
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