Lyrics to I'll Dream Alone
I'll Dream Alone Video:
and lonely nights
I've waited for you
to put things to rights
leaving you to do
your thing without
disturbance from from me
Somehow I doubt
you'll ever be
I'll keep your things
If you ever need them
the phone still rings
And now that you're free
of me at last
your time is your own
Go have a blast

I'll dream alone without you
I'll dream alone if I must
because I guess our little castle
in the sky just turned to dust
So I'll dream alone, that's showbiz
I'll dream alone from here in
and I'll be trying not to dream
of what once was and might have been
if only I'd known
I'll dream alone

we had a few
but what kind of dream
beats you black and blue
I wanted to scream
Don't go away
but nothing came out
All I could say
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