I'll Die Questioning Why Lyrics

Terror By The Lake

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Lyrics to I'll Die Questioning Why
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Bury me alive, alive with my love
It's so hard to feel alive when your dreams pass you by
Can't you see that I've been waiting, waiting for so long?
Without you here to complete me, everything feels wrong

I look to the sky and scream why
I just want to watch the sunset in your eyes

I would sell my soul to the devil and burn in hell for all eternity
If I could spend the rest of this life with you lying here next to me

You showed me what it's like to truly hate life

I'd rather die than live another day with this burden on my heart
I'll always love you, I'll love you forever
I should have stayed in my seat the first time our eyes did meet
Now nothing completes me

So I return to where I came from, a world of depravity
And you'll never be forgiven for what you have done to me
My heart begs for eternal sleep, there is nothing left to lose
Words can't paint the picture of how much I fucking miss you
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