Lyrics to I'll Ask Him
I'll Ask Him Video:
But what they really wanna know
Is are you gunna stay?
You've seen so many girls
I was passing threw your way
Well you're a guy and I'm a doll
Huckster lad
Will you keep me in your mind?
I can hear me in your sigh
But lover I recall
Faint melodies of when you turned your back and I had to scream
We were falling in love
But what I really wanna say
Is if I dreamt as if I lived
Such a complex day
But then I lived and died today
But lover I recall faint mysterious
Of when I dropped my back and you had to scream
We were falling in love..

I'm in love

I said to him ?What do u do when everything you heard was true??
Daddy am I a nice girl for making him cry?
We were falling in love...o no

(Thanks to jenn for these lyrics)
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