Lyrics to If You Were Here
If You Were Here Video:
If you were here with me
We could hold hands while we're walking
Or ride the subway, miss our stop
Cuz we're too busy talking
If you were here with me
We could go to shows together
Dance around like a couple of jerks
And if they stare, who cares?
We've got each other
We could have sleepovers all of the time
You could use my toothbrush, I wouldn't mind
We'd watch Cartoon Network and dye our hair
That is if you were here instead of there
If you were here
I looked on the map today
Counted seven states between us
If you don't count New Jersey...
Which I don't
And all my friends they say
Long distance sucks and that I
Should just forget about you
Get on with my life, but I won't
I'll just keep dreaming that the day will come
We'll go make out in Yankee Stadium
We'll order just one milkshake with two straws
If you were here I could still write you postcards and
Letters but then I'd just deliver them by hand
You see cuz then I'd get to watch you face as you
Open them up and read bout how much I like you
I'd wear your leather jacket, you'd wear mine
You'd never be without a Valentine
We'd paint each other's toenails when we're bored
Or go out cruisin in my mom's Accord
We could spray paint out names inside a heart
Or shoplift all the Hot Wheels from K-Mart
I'd play my bass while you'd play your guitar
That is, if you were here instead of far
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