Lyrics to If You Only Knew
If You Only Knew Video:
(feat. Casha)

Yung Berg
Let's go

[Chorus: Casha]
So many times
You and I
Makin luv through the night
The way that you make me feel
From the wrong to the right
All the pain you and I
You know dat I'm down for real
If you(only knew)
If you(only knew)the things you can make me do
If you(only knew)
If you(only knew)
The way dat I feel for you

[Yung Berg:]
It goes fressher than whoever
Shawty you a star
Must of fell straight from heaven
She landed in my car
Standin by the bar
Conversation smart
Felt like my first time
Hittin 106th in park
Back [? ]
Legs super thick
You know the type you can't wait to go spread apart
Had her from the start
Took it to the waist
Where her top came down
For I throw it out of car
And still to this day
I hop into the gucci man
Records on the radio
Like I'll do anything (for you)
So tell me what am I to do
I know this song changed
So I let this song play(for you)
Yea show cancelled the first season
No martin no gena
Yes only diddy
For you mami
I'm right here will you need to be
And when I lost you I lost a piece of me

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