Lyrics to If You Loved Me
If You Loved Me Video:
If you loved me, I'm sure that you would knowWouldn't be so easy for you to let me goIf you loved me, you'd put away your prideAnd put some love inside, and hold it there foreverIf you loved me, if you ever did beforeYou could find those feelings, and feel them all once moreIf you loved me, that love would pull us throughYou'd do all you could do to keep that love togetherYou had me walkin' on a rainbow that vanished at my feetNow that it's over, I see the truth my heart refused to seeIf you loved me the way I love you from the startWouldn't be so easy for you to break my heartIf you loved me, you'd give it one more tryYou wouldn't let it die, you'd hold me close foreverIf you loved meIf you loved meIf you loved me like I love you

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