If This Ain't Love Lyrics

Nicole Willis

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Lyrics to If This Ain't Love
If This Ain't Love Video:
Woke up this morning thought that spring had come
I had been weary waiting for the one
I looked around me saw my life could be
Full of the finer things like the war may bring

You fill the empty spaces in my heart
I can't imagine life when where apart
It's plain to see that we're a family
And we're falling over with the joy it brings

[chorus x2]
If this ain't love don't know what is x3
This is real, this is real

Been to the city it was full of flash
But kind of empty with its noise and trash
I met a guy that like a taxi cab
Drove me round and drive to the other side of town
But you fill empty spaces in my heart
I can't imagine life if we're apart
Sit in the easy chair and hold my hand
And I'm satisfied this love is goin' be fine

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