If They Only Knew Lyrics

Trin-I-Tee 5:7

Spiritual Love

Lyrics to If They Only Knew
If They Only Knew Video:
More, than I'll ever know
so much more than I could ever ask for
Havin you in my life,
You've been such a delight
Oohh, I'd throw it all away
So what, who cares what my girls might say
and maybe they'll all go away
But I know that you will stay

If they only knew
Lord I love you
If they only knew
I wish that they give their life to you too
I wish that they knew that you love them too
Never thought I would find peace and joy life anew
If they only knew

If only they had one little taste of you
They'd see just why Chanelle believes in you
I know you'll take away their pain
Dry their eyes the sun will shine again
All is fair in love (fair in love)
This kind of love can only float from above
We need you ten thousand times more
We need you more and more and more

I wish they could feel the love
You've shown me you've been there
(Ooohh la da da da da da da)
(wish they knew, wish they knew)
I wish they knew
I wish that they embrace you
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh ooooooooo


I know exactly how it feels (to lay in the bed and cry,oh)
I know exactly how it feels (to let your love in my life)
To have you (have you, know you)
Feel you (feel you)

If...they...only knew


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