If Samuel Beckett Had Met Lenny Bruce Lyrics

Elastic Purejoy, The

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Lyrics to If Samuel Beckett Had Met Lenny Bruce
I have this idea of what you never were,

of what was but never could have been

open season and my mind's a blur, of

nothing spoken, heard or seen

I'd wash away these ugly stains

but I need them as Smeraldina craved Bach,

as she left Belaequa sitting in the rain,

his hands in a jelly in his lap

oh, Smeraldina-Rima

what's your name a-mean-a?

slob of a girl? no, Hey,

Sammy was droll, hey what a dreamer

who really cares for Sammy's names

of pap and mamelons, or Belaequa,

Lenny's stutter couldn't change the game

a needle in the can killed the laughter

and he said "be outta here before the spit dries!"
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