Lyrics to If
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If you wed in the summertime
When air is sweet and skies are blue
Hang the banners waving proud and let the townsfolk cry aloud
The happy news

Let Father read a poet's rhyme
And verses carry dreams aloft
See her chosen by his side
Tender lady, blushing bride
Pure and soft

Down below
Heavily weighed
Trade one who carried too much
For one you'll fly away on

She's a love of another kind
Who sits behind no veil of lace
Did you give a sudden start to see the girl you hoped would not
Give you away

Did you fancy a frozen smile
Was playing sometime upon her face
And did you shake it off instead and turn around and bow your head
Now let us pray

Blessings flow
A promise is made
Before the one who'll carry her love
Silently through the day now

As you're waving your last goodbye
As you blow your final kiss
Did you turn around once more and touch your eyes again to hers
I think you did

Blow blow
A solemn refrain
Between our eyes a sweet kind of sigh
For things that still remain

If you wed in the summertime
When the final rains have passed
There'll be no more tears to cry
For things that we'll never have
No don't you cry
It's wiser to smile
And better still to laugh
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