If I'd Only Come And Gone Lyrics

Shel Silverstein

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Lyrics to If I'd Only Come And Gone
If I'd Only Come And Gone Video:
If I'd only come and gone
The way I'd always done
With summer girls before...
Shared one night with you
And never reached for more...
Then we wouldn't face this long
And painful righting of the wrong...
If I'd only come and gone.

If I hadn't stayed so long
But merely parked my dusty boots
Outside your door...
Tracked no footprints 'cross
Your polished hardwood floor.
I'd have left you in your doorway
Smilin' drowsy at the dawn...
If I'd only come and gone.

And I'd be on a shinin' silver plane
Dippin' into Denver.
Or on a schooner blowin' down
To Biscayne Bay.
And you'd be safely tucked away
Among the pleasure I'd remember
'Stead of lyin' here beside me
Fearin' restless thoughts inside me
That might awaken with the breakin'
Of each new day.

If you'd only stopped to read
Cold hard words I carved
On other bedroom walls...
And heard the mornin' coffee truths
I told 'em all.
I'd still be on your lips
Like some unfinished
Half-remembered song.
You'd have never loved me
If I'd only come and gone.
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