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Lyrics to If I Were A Girl (Beyonce Parody)
If I Were A Girl (Beyonce Parody) Video:
If I were a girl even just for a day
Id roll out of bed in the morning and wonder what just happened to me.
Oh no don't tell me they're real.
Yeah I think they're real.
Something else is missing
Where the heck's my PEN15?!

If I were a girl would I still look like a guy?
No I wont put on make up but I might just want to give that bra a try.

If I were a girl I could mess with the guys.
No, no not like that I mean
When we get a nice dinner Ill make sure they buy.
I could seduce them.
Show them my nice behind.
Yo Zach check out that A... Oh my God
Ha gotcha. You totally like guys!

If I were a girl Id have the nicest legs.
I refuse to cook in the kitchen but I'm pretty dang good with the microwave.
If I were a girl please don't get mad if I'm mean.
I'm not used to my body this monthly thing is kinda new to me.

No I don't really know if I want to change back.
Because I like my new hair and the guys love my
FACE what!?

Oh if I were a girl I don't think Id ever understand
How it feels to be a girl.
God please change me back to a man!
If I were a girl.
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