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Poison Girls

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Lyrics to Ideologically Unsound
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It all keeps going round and round

You want him to throw you

on the ground

Want him to kiss you

and say he's yours

Want him to fumble in your drawers

You get romantic fantasies

Complete with flowers

and birds and bees

Want him to woo you

and say sweet things

Even get to thinking of diamond rings

Ideologically unsound

Ideologically uncool

Who do you keep playing the fool

Always fall between two stools

Got ideas above your station?

Need some further education?

Think you'd better go back to school

Cos you're ideologically uncool

Full of envy... jealous with it

Know what you want

but just can't live it

Ideologically uncool

I'm lost, so are you

Very lost, just like you

No-one knows what the hell to do

Because we're

Ideologically unsound
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