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Identity Crisis

Lyrics to Identity Crisis Intro
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Oh my goodness
Hey, hey
Hey baby, let's get it
It's been a minute
But no worries folk I'm still in it
I'm still with it
I ain't going no where
I'm a still be standing right here
Even if they say they don't care
Now what's up (what's up)
Hey mane I'll tell you what's up
Man sinned and sinned and in the end now our image's messed up
And (and) identity's damaged
Happened all over the planet
Not lost, but sure is blemished
Now how we see is scrambled
But God, being rich, in mercy, gave me living water when he saw that I was thirsty
And I came (and I came) to the cross (to the cross) for the Lord and it ended my searching
I was lost (I was lost) in a maze (in a maze) until His amazing grace (yeah)
And I got to the truth, and I found out what to do
I need to live by faith (yeah)
So I'm a work, like I'm pushing the cane
Never giving in or giving up I'm all in this thang
Giving everything I got, just to see who I am
On the cool lil' buddy, I ain't playing no games
People trippin' and they thinking that they life is straight
Seeking peace while they saying that their life is great
Steady looking for the answer with no words to say
One clue plus proof, it's the Imago Dei,
Uh-uuh, the Imago Dei
Imago Dei [x8]
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