Lyrics to Iceman
Iceman Video:
Sleepy town ain't got the guts to budge
This emptiness has already been judged
I wanna go out tonight
I wanna find out what I got

You're a strange part of me, you're a preacher's girl
And I don't want no piece of this mechanical world
Got my arms open wide
And my blood is runnin' hot

We'll take the midnight road to the devil's door
And even the white angels of Eden with their flamin' swords
Won't be able to stop us from hittin' town in this dirty old Ford

Well it don't take no nerve when you got nothin' to guard
I got tombstones in my eyes and I'm running real hard
My baby was a lover
And the world just blew her away

Once they tried to steal my heart
Beat it right outta my head
But they didn't know
That I was born dead
I am the iceman
Fighting for the right to live

Better than the glory roads of heaven,
Better off ridin' hellbound in the dirt
Better than the bright lines of the freeway
Better than the shadows of your daddy's church
Better than the waiting
Better off this search
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