Lyrics to Icebreaker
Icebreaker Video:
(feat. The Impossebulls, Kyle Jason, Sekreto & True Mathematics)

[Chuck D]
I know a silent nation in dislocation
Frustration from legislation
Led to demographic in isolation
Another participation in decapitation
10-4 die river deep mountain high
Is a wall stuck between dying and doing time
Cant ignore smack dab border war
As the beat goes on, words flowed on
I caught the law
Pyramids machu pichu
Things they don't teach you
Don't apologize
You were here first on this earth
Before these millennial cowboys claimed their turf
Now who's 1000 miles and ran
Deserted in the desert
Wild wild west hurt to the dirt
Anti immigration
Against brown swkin
Sounds like brown shirts
Silenced by so called legal violence
Somebody had permission
To put humans in this condition
This land is who's land??
They must've forgot
Kicking the black in the ass
While keeping the brown out
This one sided law makes me scream and shout
I. c. e. is what I'm talking about

[Sgt Hawke]
Sgt hawke and I'm found where the cop be
I get on illegals like I'm a paparazzi
You see the flash but it ain't a camera
Gunfire shells hot enough to damage ya
No trafficking no drug smuggling
I.c.e and we came in thugging
Straight off the wire like snoop and chris
You get rush like limbargh we get at you quick

[Sekreto (translated in english)]
What will they do when they find out about this
Come for me, for what I represent
This is my accent and I'm proud of it.
We're bunches and cannot be stopped
Absurd laws with racist intentions
Benefit only to these classifiers
They insist, I insist - so here we go
Broken chains, jumping borders
Thrive or die, we're no longer satisfied
Its time for power to change hands
More righteous humans, is more human rights
They say, they owners, but we were here first
The world is free and without fear we broadcast
Multi-color race, is how we're painted
I have a dream and that dream has become my desire
Power to my peoples, not power to the governments

[Chuck D]
Car radios highway hoes
Motorbike types
Skateboard whores watch em close them doors
Clap them hands and stomp them feet
To more government wars
Good man bad government
Great driver wack car
So I seen it before
Marxism dual citizens
China support
Meaning yall go get a passport
Slavery is americas past sport
Homeland security
Against my homeboys securing me
Chained brains diaspora
Comin nafta
The same idea of the united states of africa
Bering strait
Before palin and paleface
Waiting for the ice to break
70% of americans ain't been no place
So the human race gets displaced
While the greedy man
Sees the land
His plan
Seize the land
To feed his face
A child lost in the wild
Picked your food
Built your house
While still on exile
Barbed wire and cactus the new middle passage
To a person
This new whirl odors just rehearsing

[Marcus J]
By the time I get to the end of my verse
Calisthenics of the tongue exercising the first
That's freedom of speech so I speak my right
Seems to me there will always be powers to fight
So chuck let them know that the bulls break ice
With the power of these words that we put within a mic
Like those in the past put power to pen
It was number 13 made us all equal men
Now arizona back to legislate the hate
Guess freedom ain't free on this side of the gate
But everything changes if I look a certain way
Securing the homeland from how it was made
Now the ice that we skate upon is definitely thin
But we got to break bad to let the good begin
A cold flag pole grabbed a hold of my tongue
5-0 froze and we all got dumb

One man's terrorist, another's freedom fighter
Future tech molotov cocktails and a lighter
Legalized gang shit, federal b.i.
You wanna buy a weapon, they won't hesitate a second
Wether african, mexican, middle east of haitian
They'll slaughter the indigenous and plunder your nation
Petition the u.n. to gain legal traction
Then call you the enemy to justify the action
The brown in this world is to draw ire
Of the secret society soul sucking vampire
Either I come from a long line of liars
Or a degenerate senator's pants are on fire
Surround you with walls to protect freedom
Over-lapping laws to ensure confusion
Protect your neck in the 2012 season
Then bounce a check in the bank of illusion

[Professor Griff]
Home grown terrorist, for the benefit
Can't find a title or a name that truly fits
These land jackers, pale face land grabbers
Caught in a border war, the stench from the border whores
Real demons, feinin for a real reason
Can't truss em cause they always fuckin schemin.
Broke treaty's wit the redman, they said dam
Klan disqized as fam, fuck uncle sam

Pause for the cause, open the mental doors
Foreign invaders, human traffic traders
Un-documented worker, want it back
Panic when the brown man link wit the pro blacks

Who's the real citizen, have you ever been
You raped and robbed every people that ever let you in
Legalized theft , of the natives land
Speak with a fork tongue, rum and gun in hand

The I c e,
Who get's deported and who goes free
Who get's detained and remains
Who get's a card and who gets the blame
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