Lyrics to Ic Timer
Ic Timer Video:
On a plain,
In a storm;
There they prayed
and there we got born.

Rarely made,
in rare form.
Fairly played
and fairly forelorn.

God bless the cyborgs at your door,
wretching ritch regrets on the bathroom floor
it feels like its been here 70 times before.

We wish They would loose their appeteites,
for alcohol and acolytes
Still the starving set their sights on more.

We had the jury hung,
we had the Judge strung up,
and at the gallows steps
the twelve civilians selpt.

The drunken doctor almost cried
when he saw the cell divide.
"In 30 days and 3 weeks time
this new body will fit fine!"

"Sit down, stand up."
This order is a set up
"Sit down, stand up."
This set up is a setup
I'd trade my mind for the written line!
I'd trade my eyes for sattellites!
I'd trade my hand for iron clamps!
I'd trade my lungs for vacume pumps!

That's what we wanted!
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