Lyrics to Iago's Demise
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And Kate

My sweetness
And beatrice
So precious Your pain

I sing for the daughters your heavenly fathers to be
Your possible futures your obvious endings defeat me

Dorothea and Jade
Belphoebe is just like me
Such perfect disdain

I sing for the daugheters the heavenly mothers to be
Instanity's wanderings ritual fathersings greet me

So carry me (there's no one to)
Comfort me (there's no one to)
Care for me (there's no one to)
Capture me

Ophelia (I dream of the daughters to be)
Cordelia (the ritual fatherings)
Desdemona (the heavenly mothers to be)
And Kate (insanity's wanderings)
Alma (the sonss and the lovers to be)
Badoura (the infidel creatures like me)
Dorothea (the virginal martyrs to be)
And Jade (the doting fathers)

I sing for the passve the heavenly loyals to be
The unrewarded love obvious endings defeat me
While I'm asleep I can open my eyes what my lucid heart speaks concious caution denies here betwixt and between lies Iagos' demise as I sing for my creatures their infadel features

Ophelia (I dream of the fathers to be)
Cordelia (the heavenly loyals like me)
Desdemona (Insanity's wanderings)
And Kate (suicide's followers)

My sweetness (the virginal martyrs to be)
and Beatirce (the doting lovers for she)
So precious (the unrewarded like me)
Your pain (the infidel creatures)

Alma (the worshipful followers)
Badoura (the doting mothers to be)
Dorothea (the constant martyrs)
And Jade (the unaging fathers)

Belphoebe (the unloving characters)
Is just like me (insanity's wanderings)
Such perfect (the heavenly daughters to be)
Disdain (the obvious endings)
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