Lyrics to I Won't Smile
I Won't Smile Video:
Hey everyone on youtube
I got a message for you
you ask why I have no facial expressions
I just don't don't don't dont

You ask why I don't smile
you ask me will you smile
oh David please just smile
you know I won't, won't won't won't

I have a confession
I have a disease
if I smile the world will be dominated by fleas
and boogers will transform into little human beings
and crawl into your crevices and plant awesome little trees

if you can make out what I just sang
then I'll tell you what I'll smile for you in sunshine or in rain
but you know that's impossible, cuz I don't know what I was saying
too bad, too bad, too bad

David just smile for us don't be a retod
ok I'll smile in my next 10 seconds with david video blog
so just wait it out for another 2 years
oh wait did you say let's make it 10 years instead? ok

I have a confession
I have a disease
I can't smile it's who I am, that's all I'll ever be
I'm a grouchy old prune with stones in my chest
hey did you see my pet bird stinky living in my home made nest?

I won't smile
I won't smile
I won't smile unless...
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