Lyrics to I Won't Let Go
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[Verse 1:]
There is no trial that He can't bring me through,
There is no tunnel that He can't bring light to.

Though I feel like giving up, in Christ I shall maintain.
Because of my faith in God, my joy shall remain.
Trials worketh patience, and patience worketh hope;
In spite of my situation, I won't let go.

[Verse 2:]
There is no problem I know that God can't solve,
When I get into it, He was already involved.


[Verse 3:
You may be weary and feel you can't go on,
My friend take courage, in Christ you must be strong.


No, I won't let go;
Oh no, I won't let go

[Vamp 1:]
I was locked in jail (shackled me),
Then Your blood (set me free).
For the rest of my days (honor Thee),
I've got it, I've got it (I've got victory).

[Vamp 2:]
Son of Man (called my name),
Then His blood (broke the chains).
With the Word of God (His story),
I've got it, I've got it (I've got victory).

Trials worketh patience and patience worketh hope
In spite of my situation...
I won't let go!
Songwriters: KEE, JOHN P.
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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