Lyrics to I Won`t Let Go
I Won`t Let Go Video:
I Won't Let Go(Matraca Berg/Jim Photoglo)I hear an echo through the aching distanceI know your injured voiceYou stand behind this wall of ice between usI guess you had no choiceYou had to save yourself, I understandYou're afraid to put your heart into my careless handsOh, they're so much stronger nowIf you could find a way somehow to trust in meI won't let goI won't let goIf you're in needHold on to meI won't let you go this timeThis timeSometimes a foolish heart will try to travelFaster than the speed of graceIt's like we try to ride off into the sunsetAnd fall off into spaceI realized what I had doneWhen I almost let you crash into the sunYou were only reaching outI will never let you down that way againI won't let goI will not let goIf you're in needHold on to meI won't let goThis time

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