Lyrics to I Won't Get Grazed
I Won't Get Grazed Video:
I'm Going Away To See My Own
And To Tread My Earth
I've Got No Ordinary Gain
By To Set My Earth
I Get Enough And I Get To Late
And If I Fall Down On The Road
Then I Won't Get Grazed

I Cannot Let You Take My Time
Or Till My Earth
You've Had Enough Of Life To See
That It Shakes My Nerve
All Of Those Things I Can't Get Straight
And If I'm Falling To The Road
Then I Won't Get Grazed

Iv'e Had Two Of Them Or Three
And I Just Get Hurt
I Watch Me Crawling Down The Road
Trying To Guess My Worth
I Know Not What I'm Trying To Say
But If I'm Falling On This Road
Then I Won't Get Grazed

I Watch You Running Down The Road
So I Get Mine Worked Out
But You Watch Me Falling On The Run
And You Have Me Called Out
All Of These They Get So Strange
Just Kill Me Falling On The Road
But I Won't Get Grazed (x4)
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