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Lyrics to I Wish No Chains Upon You
I Wish No Chains Upon You Video:
paper cuts and ink blots up your sleeve. if it trails to your head you will sleep. when your story seems too bankrupt and empty to put down and copy. your records warp and kick the needle free. happy, yes, you're happy. but there are so many ways to be. please don't spend your energy on me. i'm hoping to find what i believe.

i wish no chains upon you. wild flowers in your yard. good friends to send you mail. that change is coming hard. i wish warm rains upon you. and snow like playing cards. i wish no chains upon you. but saying it isn't hard.

i love them all places big and small. oh, they're calling me tonight. come on angels of the turnpike, help me find what i like. flip me over, i don't feel you.please don't spare me any misery. i want to understand what i believe in.
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