Lyrics to I Wish Me You
I Wish Me You Video:
all i think is about you baby
all i do is for only you and it's true
with every heartbeat i see your face
ooh yeah

every night when i lay down baby
i close my eyes and imagine that i'm kissing you
before i fall asleep i always pray

that in your eyes
you'll see what i see
and in your heart
you'll feel what i feel too

i wish me you
i know you're the one
and i'm holding on till my dream comes true
every star in the sky
will know that i wish me you

catch my breath when i see you baby
i get weak when someone calls out your name
can't wait any longer to let you know

that in my eyes
i see what you see
and in my heart
i feel what you feel too


baby i've always believed
if you want somethin bad enough
it will find it's way to you
when you do it for love

[chorus - repeat]
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