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Two Paths

Lyrics to I Will Never Kneel
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Winds are calling me
The cold breeze of death
From the dividing stream
The clarity of what lies ahead

Your fortune will never change
Is what blind weaklings say
But I will not rest before the day
Every peasant is crowned as his own king

I will never kneel
Before your false beliefs
By my heathen blood
I will not give up

Minä rinnassa kannan sydänyön mustaa kipinää
Minä anteeksi annan ja unohdan, en ikinä
Tätä kaunaa, vainoa, kuollutta painoa, en ik inä
Minö anteeksi anna ja unohda
En ik inä

In my chest shines a glimmer as dark as the heart of the night
I will never forgive nor forget
The grudge, haunting, dead weight,
I will never forgive and forget… never

My love, where have you gone?
So cold, what have they done?
I can't see you, the world drowns in tears
I will forgive you, become the righteous hate and never forget
All is lost now, what once was a dream
Will never be seen
Spill their blood, revenge for both of us
And for all that will never be…
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