Lyrics to I Watch You Sleep
I Watch You Sleep Video:
When loneliness makes you its vacation home
And tiredness fills the hollows of your bones
Your skin, soft and warm, turns so calloused and cold

I'll be the window you stare out all day
Watching the kids in the street where they play
And I'll be the teapot that whistles your name
The book that you read again and again

Oh I'm all around you
Oh I'm all around you

When history takes over current affairs
And memories fill every dining room chair
You sit at the head of the table and stare

I'll be the flowers leaned over your vase
Dripping their petals like slow, steady rain
And I'll be the secrets you take to your grave
A box of old photographs time will erase

Oh I'm all around you
Oh I'm all around you

Dreaming about our Abingdon house
(I watch you sleep)
The creak of the floors and the drafts howling out
(I watch you sleep)
It's my voice telling you that I'm always around
(I watch you sleep)
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