I Was Placed Here Lyrics


Street Life

Lyrics to I Was Placed Here
I Was Placed Here Video:
(feat. Holloway (Ghetto Commission))

As I slide into this gangsta track, I lost so many
gangstas to this game of crack
My entourage is camouflage
And niggas hollering gangsta that
Gangsta this
But you ain't no motherfuckin gangsta bitch
I doubt you ever rocked an ounce, and bouncers had to
bang a bitch
Im dangerous
Not by my choice, but by my lifestyle
My lifestyle was quite wild, I hustled as a juvenile
And ran the streets with thuggish niggas, Packin
plenty heat
Riding like dirty coroners, niggas like that keep me
on my feet
My little cousin doin life with no parole,cause he had
to peel this nigga ( kill this nigga)
Realest nigga, I hope you niggas feel me nigga
Fuck doin bad and fuck being on my ass
And fuck being that nigga screaming "fuck dawg I wish
I had"
I'm bout that dollars, to them bitches that want to
holla holla
Me and that nigga Fiend, ain't giving up nothing for
them punks to swollow
I ain't gone lie, its a beautiful thing to be a rich
But peep game, the way I had to get it was a bitch man

Where do I belong
Is this world my home
Where do I belong
Is this world my home

Yo, I was tried dawg in the ghetto, told to survive
the best way I can
How these young black males, gone teach theyself to be
a man
I heard my God was killed by the clan
What? that ain't in my plan
I'll be damned if they gone stop us praying
Look I spoke to let my inner thoughts get carried away
Every child thats born, somebody got buried that day
Holloway dog, if I ain't really know no better
I swear my life was measured, and its slowly getting
And it feels like " I don't even know my life no more,
so when I live like, I don't know right no more"
My brother Kevin told me to protect your mama
Or either dog purgatory is where they'll never find ya
I got scraps and bruises, and my eyes are plenty damp
From the unsincere to near my real camp
I am disgusted,get ready to say fuck it
You know what partner, go head and turn around this

[Fiend talking]
Watch the curb nigga
Man what the..Hollow man what the fuck you doin?

Nigga you wanted me to turn the motherfuckin car
around, I'm turning this bich around
Now what you gone do nigga?

So, so you think I told you to turn this motherfucker
around for nothin

Nigga handle your business

Unlock the door

Lets do it
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