I Want You Back Lyrics

Melanie B


Lyrics to I Want You Back
I Want You Back Video:
MEL. B: I'm the M to the E-L-B you know me
MISSY: I'm the M-I-S-S-Y to the E
MEL. B: And I got many flows from ova seas
MISSY: How can you BEEP BEEP wit no keys
MEL. B: I got spice I'm tight wit my flows
MISSY: All my flows been known to full blow
MEL. B: Let me hit this one before I go
MISSY: I'm gonna let ya go, if you say so, awww

Verse 1: Boy I'm sick of you
Who me yes me yea ya know I'm a fool
I'm a fool for you
Cause I'm a taking you back yea I'm stupid like that
Yea yea you know its tru
But I can't say no, cause I never say no
I can't say no to you, because you treat me right
And thats why I want you back ugh

Chorus: I think I want you back
Your love made a deep impact
I know it might sound whack
But damn I want you back
Want U
I think I want you back
Your luv made a deep impact
I know it might sound whack
But damn I think I want you want you back

Verse 2: Boy I'm tried of you
Running over me telling me what to do
Now what have I don't to you
Ta make ya sex a lot
I thought I made ya hot
Know don't make me act a fool
I know I talk my junk
But I know what I want
What I truly want is you
Even thought you a mack tru dat
I want you back ugh

Chorus: 1x

Bridge: You got me losing my mind, my mind
You can't keep breaking my heart
You got me drinking the liquor in da morning, sitting all night at the bar

Chorus: 2x
Songwriters: Thomas, Theodore / Watson, Ericka Simone / Watson, Dwight / Mccartney, Jesse / Kondor, Sherry
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, WINDSWEPT HOLDINGS LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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