Lyrics to I Want A Boy
I Want A Boy Video:
I'm lyin' in bed and
I'm dreamin' about you
Don't know who you are but
I'll know when I've found you
And now I imagine
You lyin' here with me
How you'd turn off the light
And then lean over to kiss me
But for now imagining's all I can do
Cuz try as I might, I still haven't found you
Would someone please tell me what I gotta do?
I want a boy
I want a boy of my own
If I have to, I'll search through
The whole population
I've got the patience
And determination
Cuz this time I'm waiting
Around for the right guy
Who's love lights me up like
The moon lights the night sky
I don't really know what this love thing's about
But at this point, I must say I'm dying to find out
If I have to, I'll get on my roof and I'll shout
I'm sick of the previews
I want the main attraction
It's gotta have romance, a whole lot of laughs
And plenty of action
I'll accept no limitations
I won't be fooled by a decoy
I'll know the genuine thing when I see it
I'll know at long last when I have found my boy
(He'll kiss me and I know that it's meant to be
I'll look in his eyes, see my destiny)
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