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Lyrics to I Wanna Live With You
I Wanna Live With You Video:
Verse 1:I wanna live with yousummer and spring, autumn and winterI wanna give to you the love that you needI wanna talk with you about everything you wanttoI wanna be with youBrigde 1:But I don't want to see you leavesee you standing therewith your baggage in your handlike you just don't care(Chorus:)I wanna live with you (ahh) 2 xVerse :2I wanna stay with youwhen everybody's leavingI wanna play with you the games that you loveI wanna sing with you songs that you don't knowI wanna live with youBridge 1(Chorus)Bridge 2:Don't you know that I'm leaving insideDon't you see what I feelI don't hide what you meant to meSo why don't you open your eyesand share this love with meBridge 1(Chorus)

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