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Lyrics to I Wanna Hold You (Radio Edit)
I Wanna Hold You (Radio Edit) Video:
Tell me that you want me baby,
Tell me that it's true,
Tell me that you need me so much more than I need you,
Tell me that you're happy, honey
Tell me that you're fine,
Say when you're without me you can get me of your mind,

I wanna hold you,
Girl, Won't you take me back,
I wanna hold you bad,
Just tell me that you understand I wanna hold you bad,

Tell me why you left me baby?
Tell me what to do,
Tell me what you hated; I will change the world for you,
Won't you say you miss me, honey?
To heal my broken heart?
I know you like to kiss me and it's tearing me apart,


No, oh no,
This feelings getting stronger,
It's growing every day,
And I can't resist much longer,
And I am so,
Sorry, Coz I was wrong, girl,
And since you left my days go on and on. And on, and on and on and on,(Woo!)

Bad, bad, bad,
And I hope you understand I wanna hold you bad

(Thanks to Lucie for these lyrics)
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