Lyrics to I Think Fine Art's Fine!
I Think Fine Art's Fine! Video:
I think fine art's fine.
With my one good eye,
I may be colour-blind,
But I know what I like,
And I like,
He had a great way with line,
And a background in graphic design,
Oh! Let's give it up for lefty Lichtenstein.

Come on let's go.
Oh! But Andy Warhol,
Now, he blew my mind,
When not out blowing guys,
And getting high,
He took a bullet to the side,
But that's not how he died,
He took it up the backside,
Yet his art thrived!

Now, Keith Haring,
He wins the big prize for doing the most
in the shortest amount of time,
Painted up until the day he died,
Leaving priceless works behind,
Oh yeah I really dug that guy,
And that's just three reasons why I say,
What do I say?
I say...
I think fine art's fine [x6]
What do you think?
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