Lyrics to I Swore
I Swore Video:
I swore, never to die alone
And if it's on, it's on
Get the dirty chrome
I swore, I don't care if he left in his zone
Don't make have to follow you home

I done ran in the streets enough to know, every man and jebro
And when your back against the fence, admit to every throw
Let off several high low, incase somebody follow
And keep in mind your the only one that need to see tomorrow
Stash dirties on the borrow, shake it off up in the sorrows
And watch the quiet nights cause that's only when then the war rose
Yabegorro, and put the smoke straight up to my nose
Cause i'm 'bout to unload that shit, to actually go do vargos
No one knows I chose not to hurt nobody
But it was him and me, and I cho', I chose to get rowdy
Took, he was breathing through and he was also seein' through
Last but not least, I took a woman and a human being too

[Chorus x2]

Oh we got problems, I bring the return of Mystikal's assauge
Load the revolver, it's a walk-by, but it's your way
And no way in hell, at this public disputin'
He gonna make it through, it is relentin' to shootin'
So I made a fact to get 'em, watch how the choppers split 'em
Won't let the gat get 'em, or even that, cataclysm
I ain't missin' go make 'em my mission the dope player
Shoot 'em through the door way, layin' 'em in the court way
No man will say he ran down a timid nigga
Should ask him make 'em what happens, when No Limit niggas
All I figure for me to make it through these streets dawgs
It had to be my life or yours and I ain't ready to go, I swore

[Chorus x2]
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