Lyrics to I Swear
I Swear Video:
Kill your identity
Follow the masses
Be soldiers of the society
Erase your past and future dreams
No mercy for outsiders of the system
Declare yourself as one for all
Individuality is totally destroyed
Believe them and have nothing for yourself
Listen good and follow orders
Knowledge the bitter enemy
Terror and force
Will make you better citizens
Never question the leader and the rules
Raise your fists and shout aloud that I swear fatherland
I give my life to you
Freedom and love I will bury all
I promise you to follow blind
And I swear to become an asshole
Murder look away it was not you
Or help the killer to escape
Steal for breed and deliver to your leader
The more the better it's a medal for reward
Let's celebrate the triumph over the human man
The story will never end
Victory is the best advertisement
Losers like us should not be
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