I Stole The Melody Lyrics

Jamie Bowering

Non-album songs

Lyrics to I Stole The Melody
It's cliché to say we live for the past
To say that life goes by too fast
Surely a cliché becomes what it is for being true

You say I didn't know you before
I don't feel I know anyone any more
It's sad but it's true
But too lucky to be feeling blue

I'm not bereaved, I'm not depressed
But it's fair to say I'm unimpressed
With the way that I spend my days

I could only fill my time
With the moment chasing
Life redefined and I've mocked the style
It's nothing but a phase

I stole the melody from a song
It hasn't been around too long
Had to plagiarise to summarise my day

But it seemed to get my thoughts across
Before they were forever lost

Now I hope that I'll be strong enough
To make this change, to live and love
Be exposed to the sun and the rain

And I hope that I'll learn to be wise
Begin to take my own advice
Never deny myself the chance to grow again

I look forward to a new day when
I make some plans and stick to them
No sense in being afraid

Of what might come and what might go
You never predict and you never know
The outcome of the game if you never play
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