I Still Got Porn Lyrics

Future Idiots

Future Idiots

Lyrics to I Still Got Porn
I Still Got Porn Video:
I'm still the biggest loser.
I fucked up how could I lose her,
to such a boring guy? Is everything alright?
He don't deserve that girl.
He sure can't handle her.
It sucks so hard, what can I say?
She kicked my balls and ran away.

Is she trying to be funny?
It isn't Aprils fools day!
Just take a look around,
how could she turn me down?
This girl's got awful taste.
Her beaut is all a waste.
But what she lacks most are the brains!

I thought we had something cool.
But the way this turned out made me look like a fool.
I got rejected so bad.
She was the greatest love that I never had!

I've come to think about it.
Some girls are never worth it.
She can't make up her mind,
it's just a waste of time.
I wish you guys bad luck.
I hope your first time suck.
I honestly don't give a fuck!

You don't need her. Just be a man.
Why would you need her? You still got your hand!
I don't need her. I won't feel torn.
Why would I need her? I still got porn!
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