I Stand Alone Lyrics

Van Canto

A Storm To Come

Lyrics to I Stand Alone
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As I lay to rest
And my blood´s slowing down
I feel the heart fading
And I wipe the sweat from my brows
It´s finally done
I made my way home

Struggling for minutes
A million hours or so
I ran seven miles and still
I have thousands to go
Same story again
I stand alone

And for every question
An answer is found
Thousands of voices are
Screaming new questions out loud
But I make a stand
I´m not gonna drown

Here I stand alone
With an innermost freedom
Like rivers coming home
(Here) I stand alone
Finding trust and forgiveness
In someone I know
And this goes to all my friends
I am with you and with me - until the end

For every crossing
Where two roads diverged
I fell one false decision
But still you find me on this earth
No matter how far
I made my way home

Is it you who´s diverging?
The very next day
All the roads seem to vanish
You´re still here, so I have to stay
Same story again:
You stand alone
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