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Lyrics to I Shall Be Free
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One day I went walking
Down a lonesome road.
And I came upon a stranger
in some faraway clothes.

He said he was a soldier
I said, "where's your gun?"
He said, "I don't got no weapon
and I don't need one."

"I don't need no weapon
cause I don't fight no war."
I said well then Mr. Soldier,
what you fighting for?

Well he didn't say nothing,
he just smiled at me.
And then I heard him whisper,
"You shall be free."


Well excuse me mister,
are you saying I ain't free?
Well I don't see no shackles
or no chains on me.

He said we're chained to our hatred.
And shackled by greed.
Too blind to see the wonder and mystery.

We got to love one another.
Give our love so strong.
Love your brother, man deeper
when he treats you wrong.

When you love without limits, unconditionally.
When you love without fear,
then you shall be free.


So I pried my heart open
as wide as the sea.
And the strangest sensations came over me.

I could see the clouds dancing.
Felt a raindrop sting.
I could hear the tiny beating of a
butterfly wing.

And as I sat in the middle,
I felt this love unfold.
A love too big
for this body to hold.

That day I became a warrior
with no enemy.
Now I am that funky soldier
and I shall be free.


Now I ain't afraid of living
and I ain't scared to die.
Cause I feel this vibration
that I can't deny.

I can feel it singing through me
like a symphony.
And it tastes so sweet;
like destiny.

It's in everything I touch,
everything I see.
It's in every single fiber
of my body.

Every star, every creature,
every leaf on every tree.
Is a lesson and a blessing
and we shall be free.


I shall...
I shall...
Be Free

I shall...
I shall...
Be Free

I shall...
I shall...
Be Free
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