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Lyrics to I Saw My Twin
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I saw my twin working in a Waffle House
The first birds of morning cackled
From the graveyard. In walked
The entourage, Big Silver Bus
In the mountains
Her full hands leapt like
Fleas on a dog, belonging
Without alternative

The waitress jumped over the
Table and begged "Can I
Take your picture?"

West Virginia
This is how it's done
You take the money and
You just run

Try not to look at the look
On the nun in the corner booth
It invites nobody in, it's a
Great black hole of Providence
Please take pity upon the heart
That lives in me! I have to
Turn away now, I can't stand
Watching old ladies eat

The waitress gazes over our table
Big Silver Bus is long gone

West Virginia
This is how it's done
Sir, could you be a little more gentle
Unprofitable servant!
Pennsylvania the 6AM cold
Sun leaves me waiting on
The threat of someone
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