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Lyrics to I Needed It Most
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I needed it most, when I was eighteen.
But now that im older, I don't need many things.
Just someone to hold, that's what you give me.
When dark touches your skull baby,
aw babe you can drop that on me.
So I say lord, all the heavens you've made,
cant hold back the ghosts that haunt my baby and me.
Oh cant ye hold em back, form comin on in,
to a lovely woman, that jus wans her mind back again.
I cannot crumble, what you want this to be.
Or bring peace of mind, if it ain't there to see.
Aw if you don't know yourself, how could you ever know me.
But to have and to hold you, yeah that's the way it's gotta be
Songwriters: JIM JAMES
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