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Lyrics to I Need Ya Lovin'
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1973, 14th of january that's my birthdaybut i'm still thirsty of youyou crossed my heart and made it happenmy first inspiration before i start rappin'no half steppin' ey yo peep my infoi need your love cuz you play me like a dildoyou make me high like spanish flyyou make me loose my mind with one trychorus:i need ya lovin' tonighti'm so hooked on ya lovin'(and it feels) so rightyou're my everlasting sunshine it's time that i get minewith one rhyme ey yo i heard it through the grapevinethat boy meets girl illmat!c meets pearll.o.v.e. that's how it is in this worldi used to hustle on the block but now shit's changedi'm so hooked that's why i smile and rearrangedmy criminal behaviour i'm saved now but i crycuz when you shake what your mama gave ya i dieno lie you make wild for the night like rampagethe last boyscout without any doubti'm on fire like pyro when we make loveand when i come i see the angels abovethe glove burns and every night it's gettin' biggerand when it comes to sex yo i'm a nasty niggalike pullin' a trigga i spread out and it runs like forrestxavier naidoo ohok me up with the chorusah yeah what's that soundeverybody look what's goin' downyou're my sweet mamacita la isla bonitalike madonna my drugfree marihuanawith karma capricorns or whatillmat!c dedicate my brand new cutto my boo that's true you're magic like voodooyou got the juice and i don't wanna loose youbridge: i found nobody who could make me feelthe way you do you made my heart stand stilljust a thought of you gets me through the nighti need ya lovin' and it must be right

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