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Lyrics to I Need A Miracle
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Chorus:Tell me what's it gonna takeI'm running out of prayers LordCan't you see I'm helplessDown here on my kneesI'm beggin' you pleaseThere's nothing left for me to doI need a miracle from youI'm tired of daysThat feel like thisWhen hurt is like a ropeWrapped around my wristI know you're listeningI know it's in your handsBut still I'm out here in the darkI just dont' understandChorusI know you're tiredWe play to keepOff saving someone's lifeCalming stormy seasBut I'm not asking youTo bring me back the moonAll I need is a little helpThat can only come from youChorusHow long can I go on this wayNeed you to plead my caseTo turn this thing aroundChorus

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