I Made Your Bed (Make My Day) Lyrics

Fight Like Lions

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Lyrics to I Made Your Bed (Make My Day)
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I'm trying to lay back down fast asleep Chase it back down to steal lips until I know it's a dream No, this is my first time to crash-land My throat into the stomach it sinks like cold quicksand And if I could get just the slightest kiss Then the nights we want are the nights like this These boys tend to heat up so fire 'em off in three minute bursts And then we broke our hearts together My sick girl you know who you are My baby cuts holes through me With eyes that glow in the dark Please run for it quick, the police are on their way They caught the look out (Caught the look out) But my outlook is the same Waging wars from under the cover of covers Never seemed like so much fun Baby I love it And if this plague won't last forever Just don't take this away from me I always wanted to say I never want you to leave And if the lights go out tomorrow I'll close my eyes and see the face That from the worst morning sun Reflects some life on this place

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