I Love Your Hair Lyrics

Imani Coppola

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Lyrics to I Love Your Hair
I Love Your Hair Video:
Sitting around waiting sitting around waiting
Sitting around waiting around
Waiting around sitting waiting sitting
Sitting around waiting around
Standing around waiting around sitting around waiting
Da da da da da da da da da da da
Just sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up
I love your hair (thanks) I love your hair (cool)
The rain keeps fallin' on my head now
Messin' up my hair now messin' up my hair
The rain keeps pourin' in my brain now messin' up my head now
Messin' up my head

If I can wear it down (I love your hair)
Or I can pick it out
Or I can pull it up pull it back
Or I can rip it out

Flick my cigarette on the red carpet
I ain't gotta be polite if pluto ain't gotta be a planet
Ain't nothin' more offensive than the plain truth
Ain't no other f*** you like the real you baby
I love your hair I hate your face

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